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Magic Wand Massager | Dual Electric Massager
Magic Wand Massager | Dual Electric Massager
Magic Wand Massager | Dual Electric Massager
Magic Wand Massager | Dual Electric Massager
Magic Wand Massager | Dual Electric Massager
Magic Wand Massager | Dual Electric Massager

Magic Wand Massager | Dual Electric Massager

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Magic Wand Massager

Muscles in knots and tension that won’t go away? Handheld Massager to the rescue! This mini wand massager is equipped with double cordless vibrating motors, for tension relief even in the hardest to reach areas.  

Product Features

❤ 10 PATTERNS & 7 SPEEDS WITH LED LIGHT - Massager speeds range from gentle like massage roller to powerful knead. This wand massager with multiple patterns does a terrific job of penetrating through your aches and pains. From neck, shoulders, back, knees, it works through it all.

❤ USB RECHARGEABLE & LONG LASTING - The cordless magic wand massager takes only 2 hours to charge and gives you the most relaxing massage you’ve ever felt in your life within 50 minutes!

❤ HIGH-GRADE SILICONE – This FDA approved silicone massager is the same material that doctors are required by law to use for their patients. It is safe to use.

❤ 100% WATER RESISTANT DESIGN – It is waterproof so feel free to use it to relieve sore muscles while bathing.

❤ DISCREET PACKAGING – We ship in a completely unmarked package. It includes a luxurious velvet drawstring bag for easy and discreet storage when you are done using it.

How to use:

My massager

Dual Motor inside design provide Dual Massaging with Multiple Settings

This NutraEdge massager is Dual Motor inside design with Multiple Settings. There are 17 vibration settings in total. Each setting is designed to iron out even the stiffest muscles. Use the pulse setting for deep myofascial release. Use the steady, strong vibration on tense and hard to reach shoulder muscles. Works all over the body (especially lower back, neck, shoulders, feet, etc.)

High Grade Medical Silicone

The body massager uses healthy soft medical silicone, which more in line with the requirements of human skin comfort. A great massager for relaxing your exhausted body. A perfect gift for parents or female friends.

Vibration Sound Calm Bass Noiseless

Inside the vibrator, the sound is less than 50 decibels when used.

Silence: 10 db-30 db

Be quiet: 30 db-50 db

Quieter: 50 db-70 db

Noisy: 70 db-100 db

How to use in different parts of the body?

Cervical Spine: The cervical spine is more sensitive. You only need to adjust the vibrator to the lowest speed, then gently place the head part to the pain, you will feel a slight dizzy feeling, 10 minutes after the neck is stiff, the pain will ease

Back: Hold the tail of the massage stick and its head is used with massage oil to quickly relieve back muscle pain

Waist: When you massage the waist, use the massage head so that you can fully exert the effect of strength.

Thigh: The thigh muscles are thicker and can be adjusted to a higher speed when massaged.

Product Specifications

✔ Diameter: 21.5*36*45 mm

✔ Weight: 248 g

✔ Vibration mode: 17 (10 patterns + 7 speeds)

Package Include: 1 magic wand massager / 1 pink box / 1 charge cable / 1 velvet bag / 1 wand massager manual